Monday, August 31, 2015

Where To Stay in Tanjung Bira: Cosmos Bungalows

Known for it’s white soft sand and clear water, Tanjung Bira is a perfect getaway from the busy Makassar. Since this place is already well known, accommodations can be found easily. Guest house, home stay and motel are various in number. Hence,  there is also a luxury resort named Amatoa in the cliff of beautiful Bira beach. It has private stairs straight to the sea and balcony facing the blue water. Therefore, they got a very limited rooms, especially when it comes to peak season, it is quite difficult to have one.

It was my own experience when decided to go to Bira on August. Making a reservation on march, Amatoa was running out of room. I then made a survey through several hotel booking application and found cosmos bungalows. I was fall in love from the firs time I saw their pictures. They got a small cottage stand in the cliff, with balcony facing the sea, Bara beach. I was informed by many that Bara is more beautiful and quite than Bira. So, I quickly made a reservation after make sure that Bara Beach and cosmos bungalows are accessible.

my favorite corner 
Went to Bira last week, I was overwhelmed to see that cosmos is beyond my expectation. The owner, Jordan, has a good taste in decorating the room. He choose white as a main color, so that the room looks even more spacious. The bed, the ornament, the fan. He also put some books we can read while having a relax time at the balcony swinging in the hammock. The room is just perfect with the blue sea every time we look out from the window. 

book corner in the room
About the food, they also have a restaurant open from breakfast time until dinner; approximately 8 pm. You can order Indonesian or western food. It tastes not really bad, but not outstanding also. I think the price also still make sense. What I love the most about the restaurant is that it gives us a perfect view to the sea with the wind blows through our hair. When it is a sunny day, having lunch here will be a perfect thing to do. They also has  a stairs, so we can reach Bara beach easily.

Cosmos only has 5 rooms, 1 of them doesn’t has a balcony facing the sea. So, when you make a reservation, make sure that your room is fit to your wish. One more information, all rooms are not equipped with bathroom. We can use the shared one. But don’t worry, the bathroom was clean and fragrant.

Lilis, Cosmos bungalows was her second choice turning into first!

More Information:

  • You can make a reservation through or air bnb or send them email to
  • You also can reach the by phone at +6282292608820
  • The price is approximately IDR 450.000/room/night and might change during peak season.
  • Cosmos also can help you rent a motorbike. It cost IDR 100.000/day.

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