Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bajo View: A Camp Style Accomodation in Labuan Bajo

When it happen to me to travel with backpacking style, the first thing I do is looking for everything cheap. Most important thing is accommodation.

For me who put Flores on the top of my bucket list, visiting Flores just like dream comes true; and because I'm living far from Flores which located in East Nusa Tenggara Province, I must save enough money to reach that small beautiful city. The plane ticket, boat rent and everything has been cost me much, that's why I was looking for cheap yet comfortable enough accommodation throughout Labuan Bajo for the sake of my budget plan.

My friend Fina helped me google it then she found a small and affordable accommodation close enough to Komodo Airport. From the pictures, I assumed that this accommodation is located in the center of a village, even car couldn't reach to it's yard because of the narrow road. Not a big problem I guess, we still can walk anyway. This accommodation named Bajo View.

What attract me most is this accommodation has a tent shape with two Japanese futons and fan inside. The tent has a zipper as a door which we can open and close just like we do on the jacket. Cute!! When sunset comes, we can enjoy it from the tent with door open, or from the balcony. They also has a bathroom with colorful door few steps from the tent room. 

Just like all the accommodation spread out in the city, Bajo View also offers some trip packages to discover komodo islands and surroundings. Kakak Merry, the front liner will help us making a deal if we want to. 

I think I'm not exaggerating to say that Bajo View is very affordable and fit me perfectly as a backpacker. For one night, I should pay only IDR 150 K for two persons, without breakfast. But don't worry, breakfast isn't a big issue. When you step out from the hostel, you can find food seller everywhere. 

So, if you think Flores is too great to be explored just in a week, you need to stay longer to dive, hike, visit some traditional villages, and it's fine for you to share bathroom with others, Bajo View will safe you from spending too much on accommodation. 

Well, enjoy Flores. I know you'll get bewitched and understand why I put Flores on my first bucket list. ;)

Lilis, an affordable accommodation hunter

Additional information:
  • You can make a reservation through their website here or another booking sites like or air bnb
  • Bajo View is located in Jalan Soekarno Hatta Gang View No 02 Kampung Tengah/Puncak Waringin, Labuan Bajo
  • The rate are exclude towel and blanket

Photos mostly captured by my friend; Fina

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